Editorial Illustrations

Illustrations are scanned into a computer and manipulated, meaning you can have finished artwork and roughs by email, CD or DVD

The illustrations use a unique methods of working- using batik on silk, these paintings are scanned into a computer and manipulated, it gives Lois’s work a lushness of colour andspontaneity of line that is eye grabbing.

Lois’s illustrations have appeared in magazines and newspapersclients include: MOJO magazine, The Time’s, The Time’s Saturday Magazine, Yours Magazine, The Spectator and The Big Issue.

Stories and themes Illustrated include: The Edinburgh Festival, Student Law Special, Holidays, lunch time yoga, Cannabis Cafes, in Search of the perfect Omelets and Breast feeding in the House’s on Commons.

Lois prides herself on using the available technologies to speed up the process of illustration commissions-working as a Virtual Studio, supplying illustration around the clock & around the globe.

All payments are handled by Castle Direct Finance and allocated every 30 days.

Lois is confident that you will find this a fast and efficient way of working, relieving the stress & uncertainty of commissioned work.

Thank you very much for visiting Lois's site, if she can help you with any commissions, be it quoting, or availability please call or email her directly, and she will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

Lois Blackburn

Please call 01663 744 113 or 0788 764 8244