Educational Illustration

It’s been said that a picture is worth a 1000 words. In truth it’s closer to 10,000 words. Educational orexplanatory illustrations are an excellent way to compress a complex idea into an easy to digestand friendly form. Good illustration transcends culture and language and carries a universal appeal.

They are executed in a unique blend of traditional silk painting, and batik with digital media.

Illustrations are scanned into a computer and manipulated, meaning you can have finished artwork and roughs by email, CD or DVD

The illustrations use a unique methods of working- using batik on silk, these paintings are scanned into a computer and manipulated, it gives Lois’s work a lushness of colour and spontaneity of linethat is eye grabbing.

Some of Lois’s illustration clients include: The Times, The Spectator, The Big Issue, Ling Design, Lip International, Manchester County Council, Darlington County Council and Trafford Borough Council

Thank you very much for visiting Lois's site, if she can help you with any commissions, be it quoting, or availability please call or email her directly, and she will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

Lois Blackburn

Please call 01663 744 113 or 0788 764 8244